April 2021


Clean Up

  • This project will happen over the course of a month. People can go on their own terms whenever they want as a family. 

  • The Community Clean Up that we have been managing with TVCR and County/Cities over the past 3 years, has had great participation and tons of litter cleaned up

Project Description: 

The 2021 Teton Valley Clean-Up program now includes efforts to clean up both the roadsides and the riversides!  The program aims to enhance community participation in the clean-up by increasing convenience and keep to social distancing by providing residents the opportunity to cleanup roadsides near their homes and public spaces with the freedom to do so on their own timing.  Bags will be collected on regularly scheduled service routes (bags must be placed in RAD trash cans). River-side clean up volunteers will be communicated on how to manage the collected litter.


Keys to Success

  1. Avoiding Double Cleaning Same Space 

- Coordinate where you will clean up and avoid cleaning where others already have! 

  1. Communicate to RAD post-clean up 

- Let us know when the area was  cleaned, location cleaned if different than what was communicated to RAD, # of bags filled, # of hours spent, # of people., 


The Reward for Cleaning Up Our Community!

  • A cleaner community ☺

  • RAD will give (1) month of free service to any customer that picks up bags and follows the guidelines for roadside litter collection. If they are not a current customer, they will receive a certificate for a one free month of service. 

  • Only one person per area can earn the reward, RAD to decide.

How-To Participate:

Sign up at:: Click Here  or go to https://forms.gle/64BJG8uVjLVEqX4d8

  1. Special Collection Bags - How/Where to Get Them

*These special bags are required and the only ones we will pick up, they are available for pickup at:

  • RAD Offices - through May 10, 201219 - 455 S. Main St Driggs - Tuesdays-Fridays - 9am-4pm


  1. Required Information at Bag Pickup: 

    • Pick up bBags in front of RAD office

    • No interaction with RAD staff required, but you can always email info@radcurbside.com or call 208.220.7721 with questions

    • Fill out spreadsheet form completely (It will be sanitized regularly)

    • Spray down anything touched when retrieving bags with the provided can of Lysol provided


  1. Collection of Filled Bags by RAD: 

    • Volunteers will need to coordinate with RAD to have bags collected at the curbside during regular service routes.  If the resident or business is not a RAD customer, we will coordinate a pickup location that will be close by or with a neighbor’s existing pickup schedule *Recyclable materials collected by volunteers will be collected on recycling routes and only in RAD recycling bins to ensure the materials are in fact still recyclable.

    • Bag Collection can be scheduled through May 31, 20192021


Unacceptable - Not the Purpose - Abuse of Program

*The following materials will be left at the curbside. RAD reserves the right to leave any materials deemed unacceptable, at our sole discretion. 

  • DO NOT use of your own trash bags - they will not be collected

  • DO NOT put out yard waste or attempt to use this for yard clean out

  • DO NOT put out bulky items – call Teton County Idaho for more information about the free transfer station access day

  • DO NOT put out tires – Call Teton County Idaho for details on the tire drive

  • DO NOT put out Household Hazardous Waste - HHW can be brought to Jackson, WY – call 307.733.7678 (for HHW disposal only)


South Fork & Teton River Sections    

South Fork (clean the access or start there and clean the river side)

  • Palisades Dam Boat Access or Creek Access

  • Irwin Boat or Spring Creek Access (Bridge)

  • Conant, Cottonwood, Wolverine, Wolf Accesses

  • Byington, Heise Bridge, Lorenzo, Menan

Teton River (Accesses typically done by FTR, so start there & clean the river side)

  • South Bates

  • Bates Road

  • Rainey/Big Eddy

  • Harrop’s Bridge


Adopt-A-Public-Space (Calling the Non-Profits & Organizations)

Are you associated with an organization, business, non-profit or Youth Sports Group that regularly uses a public space? Here are some public spaces available for organizations or groups to “adopt” and clean up…just email us at info@RadCurbside.com with adoption requests! Here are some suggested locations, there are plenty of others though!


In Driggs

  • Driggs City Park    

  • Lyons Park        

  • Driggs City Hall – Front Yard/Rear Parking lot

  • City Center Park (Buffalo Jct.)

  • Old Football Field

  • Any section of the N-S bike path

  • 5th Street Pathway/Sidewalk

  • Ross Ave Pathway 1st (1st St to 5th St)

  • Ski Hill Road Pathway (5th St to Cottonwood Corner)


In Tetonia

  • Ruby Carson Memorial Park


In Victor

  • Sherman Park – Section 1of4 – Baseball Fields 

  • Sherman Park – Section 2of4 – Dog Park, Pavilion, Jungle Gym

  • Sherman Park – Section 3of4 – Bike Park, Riding Area, Lawn Mower Race Track 

  • Sherman Park – Section 4of4 – Ice Rink, Parking Lot & Greater Area

  • Brookside Hollow City Park

  • Willow Creek Park

  • Settlement Soccer Field

  • Depot / Depot Way


To Volunteer & Sign Up: Click here; go to https://forms.gle/64BJG8uVjLVEqX4d8 


Special Thank you to the following Collaborating Entities that helped make this possible: 

TETON VALLEY EARTHDAY - Teton Valley Community Recycling (TVCR), Teton Regional Land Trust, Valley of the Tetons Library, Teton County Fair Board, City of Driggs/Downtown Driggs Association, Full Circle Education, UofID 4H Extension,  City of Victor, City of Tetonia, Bank of Commerce, Silver Star,  and the Teton County Transfer Station, US Bank,


Interest or Questions? – Email Rad at Info@RadCurbside.com

With RAD Curbside & Lindsay Jones