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School garden 


With Full Circle Education

April 22 & 23, 2021 


Thursday: 9:30 - 3 pm (Reserved for Silverstar) 

Thursday: 5-7 PM 

Friday: 3:30 to 6:30 PM

Project Description: 

Full Circle Education builds and sustains school garden programs at local elementary schools. One of their school garden programs is located at Tetonia Elementary School. This garden has been overgrown with weeds, which have been hard to mitigate due to the rocky surface that fills the space in between garden beds.


For this project, participants will help remove the small rocks that cover the entirety of the garden, in between the garden beds. We will have gloves, shovels and wheelbarrows available for participants to move the rocks. Once all of the rocks are removed from the garden area, we will begin weed-mitigation. Once weed mitigation is complete, we will lay down cardboard, compost and wood chips in place of the small rocks. This project will create a healthy garden space for students of Tetonia Elementary School using the no-till, and weed-free garden set up.


Thank you for considering helping out your local school garden!